pool-cleaningFLA Pools offers cleaning services to keep your pool looking and working its best. Our Weekly Services Include: checking your pool’s chemical level, checking your pool equipment, skimming the pool surface, cleaning your salt cell (when needed), brushing the pool walls, emptying skimmer baskets, checking the pool auto-cleaning system, checking your salt levels, pool equipment maintenance, lubricating o-rings, unclogging impellers, or adjusting valves, and adding any needed chemicals. Get the most out of your pool by considering our pool cleaning packages below:

Chemical, Plus Filter Plan – Water chemistry will be checked and brought into balance. Strainer basket will be emptied. Filter will be cleaned as needed.

E.O.W. Service Plan – (1st week, full service) (2nd week, chemical service) (3rd week, full service cleaning) (4th week, chemical service)

Full Service Plan – A full service cleaning will be performed every week. A full service entails vacuuming the pool floor, brushing the walls as needed, skimming the pool surface to remove floating debris. Filter and strainer baskets will be cleaned as necessary to ensure maximum filtration of pool.

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